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“das blaue A”. 

 Under the roof of the small, still very young publishing house “das blaue A” you can find poetical books for adults and for children. 

Our work springs from our belief in the transformative power of imagination. 
Our first two children’s books respond – each in its own way – to the horrible situations children are currently facing that force them to leave their home countries. 
At the same time they are both about universal themes:
“A Magic Gift” is about the magic of music,
and “Laya and the Lions” is about the joy of exploring 
and about the healing power of imagination. 
The books of “das blaue A” invite a unique gaze through which the world comes alive anew. 



Laya and the Lions

Illustrated by Alireza Hashempour

A poetic book about migration and resilience - and about 
the transformative power of imagination

Richly illustrated

Age 6 and older


Original German edition:


Laya und die Löwen

Illustriert von 
Alireza Hashempour

Stuttgart: das blaue A, 2022 
ISBN: 978-3-9823934-1-4  
16,80 € 

216 x 280 mm, 68 pages 
Hardcover, thread stitching
character count incl. spaces: 31.639

A book about arriving in a new country, 
about longing and courage,
about a girl for whom stone lions come alive,
and about an adventure full of danger and beauty.

”Laya and the Lions” is about a girl who, after fleeing her war-torn country, 
arrives in a new, cold and wet city.

At first the only ones with whom Laya speaks are the stone lions of the city. 
They guide Laya through the streets and to interesting spots, 
helping her discover not only this new place, but also her own inner strength. 
 But before she can begin to accept this new city, she must find her best friend Nila, 
whom she misses very much and who might still be in her home country. 
 Can the one-winged lion help Laya to find Nila? 
 And with this question begins a dangerous and wonderful adventure … 

»… told with sensitivity, […] poetic and enheartening …«

“Luftballon – Elternzeitung”, a magazin for parents 

»Books like this have the capacity to bring forth processes 
of regeneration that benefit the individual as well as the community.«  

 Horst Rettich, founder and artistic director of “atelierblau”, an inclusive atelier, 
and of an art academy for refugee children 

 »An artwork!« 

Jonathan Pauls, language trainer for refugees 

»”Laya and the Lions” is dreamlike in its power and beauty, with luminous illustrations. 
This is a heartwarming story about a child refugee who discovers her inner magic and resilience 
with the help of lions.«

Dr. Clare Johnson,
author of (amongst others) “The Art of Lucid Dreaming” 
and “Sleep Monsters & Superheroes” 

 »”Laya and the Lions” opens our eyes and touches our hearts.«

Julia Rempel, founder and CEO of “JulesBox”, a creativity box for children 

If you are interested in the foreign rights to this book, an English translation can be provided.

You can find a first look into the book


Radmila und Miroslava Shadkhina
Радміла та Мирослава Шадхіни 

A Magic Gift
Магічний подарунок

A modern fairy tale about the magic of music
Сучасна казка про магію музики 

“A Magic Gift” is a book about a musical instrument 
that brings with it something unexpected,
 about magic beings of a unique kind, 
 about a boy who begins to discover the magic of music,
 and last but not least about a fat cat who in the beginning bristles against all these changes.

Richly illustrated
Age 5 and older

Written by a daughter-mother duo who come from Ukraine and are now living in Germany.  Born in 2008, Radmila wrote this fairy tale together  with her mother 
when she was 14 years old, and is so far the youngest author of our publishing house.

You can find a first look into the book 


Original bilingual edition 
(German – Ukrainian): 

Radmila und Miroslava Shadkhina 
Радміла та Мирослава Шадхіни 

Ein magisches Geschenk  
Магічний подарунок

Illustriert von Miroslava Shadkhina
ілюстровано Мирославою Шадхіною

Zweisprachig: deutsch - ukrainisch

двомовна: німецька – українська  

(A wie ATRIUM; 1)

Stuttgart : das blaue A, 2023

ISBN:  978-3-9823934-4-5 

14,- Euro

27,5 x 21 cm, 60 pages 
Hardcover, thread stitching 

character count incl. spaces:
German text:      16.239 

Ukrainian text:   14.547

»This enchanting, wonderfully illustrated fairy tale 
allows children to feel the unique powers of music – 
its power to comfort us, to encourage us, 
and to invite us to new experiences …

At a time when so many Ukrainian children 
suffer the traumatic experiences of war and separation, 
it is especially valuable that this fairy tale 
is published as a parallel text, 
an invitation in itself to build bridges 
and overcome distances.” 

Dr. Stephanie Treiber-Held, music therapist 

Uta Jäger,
founder of “das blaue A”, 
and head of rights and licensing, 
responsible for rights worldwide.

If you are interested in the foreign rights to these books 
or if you have any questions about the work of our publishing house, 
please get in touch with me via the contact form on our website.
I am looking forward to hearing from you!